You see that a lot @ twitter these must haves software, books and app’s that get you followers. They are all fake, it is basicly a lot of work to get followers, people don’t follow easy! To get to 20.000 took me 3 months last year when I joined, and found out, I needed more followers, to reach more people all around the world.

The only thing I did was following people I liked, and adding all that followed. I found out some add you only to get you to follow them, after they unfollow you, and move on. Those are the folks you see having more followers than followed. Anti social behaviour in my perspect of view.

Others only tweet their causes, good or bad, those are uninteresting folk, I need friends that talk to me, share with me. Since we live in a world that runs on high numbers, I let them hang but ignore. Those peeps who are cool or have something to say, float up automaticly.. I love most of those!

After 1/2 a year I quitted Twitter because their numbers were really low, and the work didn’t deliver. This february I decided to go for it again, trying to capture cool peeps all over. I added those I liked and tweeted as much as I needed, wanted, trying to express my personal thoughts and it worked, numbers got up again from about 7.000 to 32.000 today! So the way I did it is satisfying, some of my tweets get loads of reactions, I answer most of them, retweet the nice stuff, items I like or love, post pictures of my daily life at twitpic, and my account grows!

The only app I use is to get rid of spammers, non-followers, or to store peeps on my safelist who don’t follow / follow without letting me follow them (protected accounts!). My twitter experience is better and more enriching as I ever could have hoped for. I keep growing, my busyness and my music is seen and heard by more peeps I ever had, since was bought by Sony in 2001. The bigger you get the more interesting you are for most, generic I really think, but that is the way of the world we live in, I get along…

Deep in my heart and soul I am an anarchist, atheist, old tripper still around, surviving in a hostile world, but I am a happy Son of Anarchy (good series btw.) If you want followers work for it and enjoy working, tweep a lot, love your friends coz they are online family, keep going and stay yourselves! Love Mario

@snowhand says: “Don’t pay for or download apps, just work your way to the top!”

Snowball Johnny – july 2010

Jane Bot (Comedian)
Pick my pocket.
11 minutes ago via mobile web
Decided to leave the laptop at home for my 4 days of vacation. [INSERT PANIC ATTACK HERE]
about 2 hours ago via txt
“Go to your bra!” My boobs are grounded.
about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck
My body pillow is well-endowed.
about 11 hours ago via TweetDeck
I think I pulled a neck muscle shaving a $ into my pubic hair.
about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck
I tried to wax an armpit. It made me promise to NEVER DO IT AGAIN.
about 13 hours ago via txt
Used condoms don’t age gracefully.
about 14 hours ago via TweetDeck
After seperating, I threw my thong in the trash & my used pantiliner in the hamper. My brain is a motherfucking jokester.
about 15 hours ago via txt
Put it on my magic card. I mean credit card.
about 15 hours ago via txt
Pretty sure the ‘Hygienic Liners for Fitting Purposes’ in bikini crotches are the most unhygienic things on the face of the planet.
about 16 hours ago via txt
“I liked you better when I didn’t know you.”
about 17 hours ago via TweetDeck
Sometimes I pull my thong straps up real high on my hips just to see what it must feel like to live in a trailer park.
about 18 hours ago via TweetDeck
Was in line at the bank when his baby reached out, touched my hair & giggled. I turned around & said, “Aw. What a cute wingman.”
about 18 hours ago via TweetDeck
PRE-MELT: Ziploc baggie full of M&M trail mix. POST-MELT: Ziploc baggie full of what looks to be nutty poo. I’m still eating it.
about 18 hours ago via TweetDeck
The “junk” drawer holds my treasured collection of penis polaroids.
about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck
Don’t forget to flush your potty mouth.
about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck
Walks like it’s been fucked. Talks like it’s been fucked. It must have been fucked.
about 20 hours ago via TweetDeck
I’m wearing everything I packed for vacation. There might be bottoms.
about 20 hours ago via Twitpic
Fuck is what happens when irresponsibility meets intoxication.
about 20 hours ago via TweetDeck
Kegal tricks should always win a talent show.
about 20 hours ago via TweetDeck
about 22 hours ago via TweetDeck
Apparently sleep deprivation and intoxication both have the same ‘flash tits’ side effect.
about 23 hours ago via TweetDeck
I bet flying fucks take massive shits on people from above.
about 23 hours ago via TweetDeck
My boyfriends names are Duracell® & Energizer®.
Fri Jul 09 2010 19:40:26 (CEST) via TweetDeck
I wear my nudity on the outside.
Fri Jul 09 2010 19:29:43 (CEST) via TweetDeck
Underwear stifles my creativity.
Fri Jul 09 2010 17:15:04 (CEST) via TweetDeck
My water bottle just ejaculated on me.
Fri Jul 09 2010 17:03:23 (CEST) via TweetDeck
For those that don’t know, mention me in a #ff and I will reply via DM with words. Probably dirty ones.
Fri Jul 09 2010 16:55:14 (CEST) via TweetDeck
Today is Super………………………Absorbency.
Fri Jul 09 2010 16:18:05 (CEST) via TweetDeck
I like feelings. The touchy touchy kind.
Fri Jul 09 2010 15:48:54 (CEST) via TweetDeck
When I think about you I gag myself.
Fri Jul 09 2010 15:34:38 (CEST) via TweetDeck
You should never hold a grudge. Duct tape will better secure it.
Fri Jul 09 2010 15:31:16 (CEST) via TweetDeck
Curiosity microwaved the cat.
Fri Jul 09 2010 15:20:02 (CEST) via TweetDeck
May the intercourse be with you.
Fri Jul 09 2010 07:25:09 (CEST) via TweetDeck
“If you liked it then you should have put an onion ring on it.” are my favorite lyrics to sing in Burger King.
Fri Jul 09 2010 07:03:54 (CEST) via TweetDeck
My shower head won the Bonus Water Pressure lottery & I reaped all the benefits.
Fri Jul 09 2010 06:51:29 (CEST) via TweetDeck
I wish this toilet reclined.
Fri Jul 09 2010 06:16:29 (CEST) via txt
I bet the guy I’ve seen working out in scrubs all week is a proctologist.
Fri Jul 09 2010 05:48:32 (CEST) via txt
My period knows there’s not enough room for the both of us in these spandex pants but still refuses to back down.
Fri Jul 09 2010 04:46:12 (CEST) via txt
He yelled, “There are no ladies in this room!” while looking directly at me. I got a boner.
Fri Jul 09 2010 03:19:00 (CEST) via txt
Boredom + contents of purse = Homemade kite made from a condom & thread. It’s ribbed for my flying pleasure.
11:19 PM Jul 8th via txt
For work party I’m playing the part of Professional Picnic Tables Saver. My salary won’t be compensated so I’m paying myself in cookies.
11:00 PM Jul 8th via txt
Short term memory loss is having to check to see if you put in a tampon or not while out in public.
10:05 PM Jul 8th via txt
More fuck for your buck. Does that come with a money back guarantee?
9:24 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
Just say no to memes.
9:15 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
I think I’m retaining vodka.
8:39 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
I bet penises get tired of hearing, “NO. I did not clear my throat for you.”
8:06 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
“No Thanks” is the pussy version of “Fuck off”.
7:47 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
Congratulations! You have reached the level, ‘Master Masturbater’ in the game of life. You lose.
7:45 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
Blondes: The less they know the more they show.
7:32 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
The phrase “Use it or lose it.” doesn’t apply to being lazy or overeating but I still maintain regular maintenance of their proficiencies.
7:25 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
Bad habits are like crabs; easy to catch & usually involve hookers.
7:16 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
Whispering “If I had the chance, I’d never let ya go.” to high heels in the store freaks out other customers. They just don’t get true love.
7:03 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
When bladders talk out of turn, people point and stare.
5:54 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
5:21 PM Jul 8th via Twitpic
I blame the zombie walking & grunting on lack of sleep. The biting is all me.
4:41 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
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Referring to your menstrual cramps as ‘JAWS’ & singing the theme song seems to lack authenticity without showing the blood.
4:08 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
More like ‘everywhere-but-your-hair-spray’.
3:38 PM Jul 8th via TweetDeck
Insomnia spelled backwards is Fuck.
11:41 AM Jul 8th via txt
Snoring is just drama queen breathing.
8:39 AM Jul 8th via txt