Growing pains?

July 20, 2011

If the world has growing pains, maybe it is time to stop growing, we’re getting to big. Well the leaders of this world seem to think that to keep growing gets them more power, while in reality it is the beginning of the end.. One day it has to explode, the chances to that are 100%, you can’t keep growing, people die of obesitas, that is a lesson.
Economy is the way we share our goods, but if you try to share more than possible, you’ll get shortages and the prizes rise. Keeping the world in a status quo economy, with emphasis on sharing all the goods, we can develope policies, like green energy, anticonception to de-peoplelize, biological food-management..
What happens today is dangerous and happened to other cultures throughout time, ignorance and arrogance go hand in hand to the Eve of Destruction.
The Money/Power has got to get back to simple folk, to start up from scrach, or hunger and war may come. The Obamas and Poetins of this world may leave us with the shit, anyway we have to solve it.. And that starts at the bottom. Money and ownership are exchangeble goods, let’s share and all get better in a stable world with a stable Status Quo Economy (SQE)

Professor Stone (Thermonuclear-Econometrist) University of Ukjavalla Greenland