Greenland, september 13, 2009

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your open and honest insight at your ‘modern woman’s life’. I watched all 6 episodes in a row and loved the production. I am a ‘modern man’ not like Kay or Patrick are, but more close to Parick as to Kay. I am a grandfather at 53, so I don’t click with your last minute rush to take a child, I think if I had not  fallen in love, like I did way then, I would never have children like you. I have two with different mothers, and they are grown ups.

It may sound harsh, but I find your relation with Patrick and the reason to have a child not suitable for children. I think, having a child is a blessing that comes with love or not. Your reasons to have a child is like your whole personality, completely ego-centric: You want a child because you are running late with a man you are not in love with. You live far apart and seperate lives like you two lead are no condition to have children, but the main reason is, I don’t see any interest in children in the two of you, only a selfish longing to be a parent, propably cause the two of you, have both kind of missed the boat. That is no reason to have children. Patrick is a friendly intelligent man, but he wants something from you, that you cannot give him, love. He ‘stoops to conquer’ [Oscar Wilde], but will never succeed. Love is there, like with Kay or not. As for Kay he is a liar and a cheater and he will lie and cheat again, if someone cheats on his wife, he will do it again. He is ‘out of time’!

No hard feelings I respect you and your work and life, I am a man that chose to be single as a child like you. I even love your childish/adolescent personality, I beg of you to stay that way, please don’t go and over-hurry adopting a child. That child may be better off with a real family, where it is wanted and not to satisfy to older peoples silly urge to raise a child.

Make a good movie about children, try and help those millions of children, that die or get oppressed by hunger and idiotic human cultural behaviour, You made a good start with your documentary, visiting women in different countries, talking to them. You could do the same with children, their daily life, wishes, dreams and futures, you could play a much bigger role in their life. As for your feelings, I would say have patience, you may fall in love with the right man, and if you fall in love, and he with you, I think you have a greater chance to get pregnant by ‘accident, compared with your stupid chemical experiment. I think you have hurt your body in a terrible way, because some doctor tried to make money out of your understandable ‘need’ to have a child. At what price? As for your mum, respect her and be glad you are not like her and tried to fly, because us flyers are the hope of a New Rising Sun. This World is rotten and human kind uncivilized, as you have shown in your documentary. Study a bit on that, philosophize, explore and use your high intellectual potential for the better of ‘future” man. I believe you can make a difference, don’t forget yourselves, but a little less ego would suit you. Thanks for making me think about this!

Yours truly Professor Stone

– Change is gonna come –

Look around, look around
this can’t go on
People die ’cause of power
where have we gone

We may think were stronger
but we all live on this little ball
where arrogancy rules
still we only fall

Through the gaps in space and time
we fill with trips on beer and wine
Useless to say our pray
to our gods that don’t mind
unexisting today

Trick of our heart and soul
keeps us going strong
on this path into a black hole
but change is gonna come

We have to just walk out the streets,
through plains, over mountains and sail the seas
to show our flesh is not weak:
follow me please!

Through the gaps in space and time
we fill with love and dreams
Useless to say our pray
to our gods that don’t know
what it is we mean

The time is right for proper change
get out on your feet and state:
we won’t wait ’till it’s too late
for love


Snowball Johnny, september 2009

About 1/2 a year ago, government pressure drove me into the situation, I am in today. By stopping to finance my mere silent background life, the ‘system’ has given me the freedom I longed for so long. After 34 years of struggle between my values and those everyone lives by, my values won! I came to the point of saying, stop, no further than this..

I lost my funding, but it proved to be the burden of slavery, because the money ‘they’ give you, comes at a high price. Ok I don’t have health security, can’t pay my rent, but I feel free and strong as never before: ‘ Noone is going to get this man down’. And you know it is fairly simple a button in your head you can set by just thinking it. I started my own little business with a transport trike and ran my computer and lighting on solar energy, a green business and started to transport at a fair (low) prize. I hardly make any money, just a small amount to live by, but get payed with loads of gratitude, respect and freedom.

With freedom comes responsability to maintain and profetize freedom, but that is no burden at all. I found out that the whole Dutch society is one big Kindergarten, and all who live there grown toddlers, kept silent with fake freedom called richness and false morality based on the money they make over the back of millions of poor hungry fellow men, they haved decategorized to third world citizens.

In reality there is no three or more world’s, but only one little ball of dust falling through the empty space of universe, our planet Earth. the different classes of people are a fake institution, created by those who are ‘so wrong’ thinking they are leaders and guiders of the masses. OK I sound like Karl Marx here, but I am not all like him. I respect his filosfy, but he is/was just a part of the big industrial machine technocrats created, Karl marx was a populist, who came forth for the better of the working man, who is but a part of the mechanized society that got us where we are.

I am more the long lost mongoloid son of the Buddha, another atheist with no respect for the past but using knowledge of the past to build a better future. There is no guessing for me, I feel I am on the right path, the one that will lead us out of slavery into smallsized rural economy, without leaders or laws, ruled by mutual intelligent respect.

Better listen to your prophet is the name of one of my songs, not meaning to blindly follow but set examples and show others intelligence and education get us better and will count out those who ‘think’ they are superior based on their place in antique social structures throughout the World. Like my father the old perfesser allways said, those who love power, are not the best of man and float up in any ruled civilization, so to rule them out we have to learn to live as equals without rules or leaders, ignoring those who try to rule or impress others with their leadership. That my friends and fellow humans is a good goal to go for!

Professor Samuel Stone, September 8th 2009